LMI Series E7 Explosion Proof Chemical Metering Pumps

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Maverick Pumps Carries the Explosion Proof Metering Pump E Series

Chemical metering pumps accurately transfer precise volumes of fluids without altering the chemical makeup of the transferred liquids. Maverick Pumps is a premier supplier of Explosion-Proof E Series Metering Pumps for chemical transfer applications requiring additional safety precautions. The LMI E7 Series Pump is designed with added safety features to deliver the protection your chemical application requires. It meets or exceeds all standards for Class I, Division I, Groups C and D; Class II, Division I, Groups E, F, and G.

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Benefits of the LMI Series E7 Chemical Metering Pumps

The LMI Series E7 features a specialized electronic design for high performance in remote requirements. The E7 is available with manual or external controls. This eliminates the need for costly motors and makes the E7 pump an ideal choice for handling hazardous chemicals. The robust design of the E Series makes it the right choice for hazardous chemical addition applications that require additional safety precautions. The E7 Pump’s rugged urethane-coated cast housing is ideal for transferring volatile chemicals or in hazardous environments.
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LMI E7 Series Pump Features

The LMI E7 Series Chemical Metering pump is our featured LMI explosion-proof pump for transferring chemicals in hazardous environments. Specific pump features and specifications include:
  • Coated housing holds up to hazardous environments and outdoor use
  • Maximum 300 psi depending on model
  • Features Fluorofilm™ copolymer
  • 20 Gallons per Hour output in larger models
  • Designed to meet or exceed all standards for Class I, Division I, Groups C and D; Class II, Division I, Groups E, F, and G, UL, CUL Certifications

LMI Series E Chemical Metering Pump Applications

  • Waste Water Treatment
  • General Industry
  • Power Generation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Textiles
  • Oil & Gas

Why Choose LMI Chemical Metering Products

LMI metering pumps feature enhanced process control capabilities and deliver high accuracy feed rates for reliable, repeatable performance. The robust, flexible design handles chemicals, water and viscous liquids with exceptional precision. LMI also designed these pumps with automation in mind, allowing you to control your pumps remotely via computer, microprocessor, DCS, or PLC. These pumps offer low flow and high accuracy feed rates, making them an ideal solution for any fluid dosing application.
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