LMI Series B Chemical Metering Pumps for Harsh Environments

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This LMI Series B Chemical Metering pump will provide you year after year of reliable performance.

An industry standard for over 20 years, the Series B Chemical Metering Pump is a rugged, reliable choice for the harshest environments.

Its 100% enclosed chemical resistant housing provides this unit with ultimate protection, making it ideal for corrosive chemical dosing.

Variety of Models and Options Available

With a variety of models and options available, you have full flexibility to control stroke length and frequency, pressure capacity, pulse / 4.20 mA inputs, and more.‚Äč

  • Rugged construction and time-tested design make the Series B pumps a consistent performer
  • With rigid chemically-resistant housing and encapsulated electronics - this pump is deisgned to last year after year
  • Available with multiple options, the Series B pumps are able to accommodate a variety of applications