LMI PD Series Chemical Metering Pumps

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Chemical metering pumps control fluids in liquid processes and monitor chemical levels in the fluid. Precision pumping and dosing effectively removes bacteria, microorganisms, dissolved minerals, and additional impurities while maintaining balanced and controlled pH levels.

The LMI PD Series metering pumps are designed for industrial water treatment applications and are used in a vast range of industries. Available in two models, Manual and Enhanced, these pumps combine easy operation with precision pumping processes to provide superior results for many uses.

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LMI PD Series Metering Pump Features & Benefits

The LMI PD Series pumps are included in the trusted line of LMI metering pumps and use advanced technology to facilitate maximum pumping capabilities and easy operation. The small, compact size makes these pumps easy to move and use. These versatile pumps are designed to fit seamlessly into your water treatment processes with wall-mounted, tank-mounted, or shelf-mounted assembly options.

The Manual models of the LMI PD Series pumps feature straightforward controls for simple operation, and the Enhanced models are equipped with a large graphical display to provide advanced features during processing. The LMI PD Series pumps feature an AUTOPRIME™ Liquid End, which removes gasses and vapors to maintain automatic priming. Additional advantages of LMI PD Series chemical metering pumps include:
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Remote start and stop capabilities
  • Simple maintenance
  • Split-scale dials
  • Stroke consistency
  • Ultra-precise dosing
  • Universal power supply

LMI PD Series Metering Pumps Applications & Uses

The advanced processing capabilities of LMI PD Series metering pumps are designed specifically for industrial water treatment applications. They can be used in pumping systems for a wide range of industries for various projects. Chemical metering pump applications include but are not limited to:
  • Closed-loop systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Cooling water
  • Environmental processing
  • Metal finishing
  • Process control
  • Waste neutralization

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