Sanitary & Hygienic Pump Applications

Food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical production all have stringent product safety requirements. This includes preventing contamination through each stage of production, including the pumps used for ingredient dosing, container filling, and product transfer.
Sanitary pumps, also called hygienic pumps, are a critical tool in any production line involving food, beverages, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical products. Besides meeting your requirements for flow, pressure, size, and speed, hygienic pumps need specific features for compliance with federal safety guidelines. All industrial sanitary pumps used in your facility should have:  
  • Corrosion-free housing and components
  • Smooth housing surface for easy cleaning and sanitation
  • FDA-approved lubricants to prevent contamination
  • Food grade, FDA-approved mechanical seals
A final and equally important consideration in selecting a sanitary pump is the overall design and operation. A pump that operates efficiently and has a low-maintenance design will minimize downtime, making your operation more productive and profitable. Whether you need a diaphragm pump for filling and transferring, or a metering pump for precise dosing, we have the style, size, and configuration you need.

Food & Beverage Industry Diaphragm Pumps

Sanitary diaphragm pumps work well for food and beverage applications because they offer the flexibility of handling both slurries and low viscosity, shear sensitive fluids. Double diaphragm pumps also create a powerful yet gentle pumping action that meets demanding, high-volume food and beverage production requirements. The ability to run dry temporarily reduces shut-down periods for improved operational efficiency. Use industrial diaphragm pumps for a range of food and beverage applications, including:
  • Tanker unloading
  • Product packaging
  • Bulk transfer
  • Batching

Hygienic Pumps for Wine Production

The industrial pumps used in wine production must self-priming, provide variable flow rates, and minimize shearing and agitation. A tightly sealed design is also essential to minimize oxygen exposure and prevent lubricants or debris from contaminating your product. Easy cleaning and sanitation, both internally and externally, is also imperative for hygienic purposes. Lastly, wine producers need a hygienic industrial pump that is easily portable.
Sanitary double diaphragm pumps check all the boxes for wine producers. These pumps are designed for powerful pumping while delivering the gentle pumping needed for shear sensitive fluids. The self-priming design and variable flow rates provide a versatile solution for:
  • Filtration and bottling
  • Product transfer
  • Container filling
  • Tank unloading

Cosmetics Industry Pumps

Cosmetics production typically involves abrasive or high viscosity substances. Manufacturers need an industrial pump that efficiently handles raw and finished product without clogging, all while maintaining ultra-high purity standards.
Double diaphragm sanitary pumps can handle varying viscosities and have a sealed design that prevents cross-contamination. The smooth housing is easy to clean and sanitize and won’t corrode in wet or humid conditions. FDA-grade seals, elastomers, and lubricants keep you compliant with federal regulations. Applications include:
  • Packaging
  • Bulk container filling
  • Product transfer to transport vessels

Biopharma & Pharmaceutical Industry Pumps

The pharmaceutical and biopharma industries must adhere to stringent legal and regulatory guidelines. Industrial pumps used in pharmaceutical production must meet specific flow rate and repeatability requirements. In addition to performance standards, you need a pump that meets high cleanliness and sanitation standards.
Metering pumps deliver the precise dosing you require for biopharma and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The leak-proof housing and motor help you maintain purity standards and prevent the leakage of expensive and often hazardous substances. Double diaphragm pumps also have a hygienic construction and offer the high power, variable flow rate necessary for product transfer. Use these sanitary pumps for processes throughout your facility, including:
  • Diluting
  • Ingredient mixing
  • Chemical dosing
  • Process water treatment and recirculation

Your West Coast Supplier of High-Performance Hygienic Pumps

Pumping Solutions is your trusted source of sanitary pumps and accessories for contaminant-free product manufacturing and processing. We serve customers throughout the West Coast and have a team of experts ready to answer all your questions. Learn more about our industrial pump offerings from trusted brands:
  • Flux Sanitary Pumps: Hygienic drum pumps for transferring, emptying, mixing, circulating, and dosing. These industrial pumps have a sturdy stainless-steel construction, FDA-compliant elastomer seals, and a three-phase motor or high-speed pneumatic motor.
  • LMI Metering Pumps: Electronic and motor-driven pumps delivering reliable and repeatable dosing of water, chemicals, and slurries. We also offer controllers for real-time control of your pumping system.
  • Wilden Hygienic Pumps: These stainless-steel diaphragm pumps feature FDA-compliant elastomers and are designed for applications requiring the highest degree of hygienic product transfer.
Send us a message to discuss pump customization options or for help finding the right hygienic pump for your application.