Sanitary and Hygienic Pump Applications

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Sanitary pumps are a classification of industrial pumps that meet FDA standards for consumer product manufacturing. These diaphragm pumps feature stainless steel parts and have a smooth housing surface for easy cleaning and sanitation. Industrial hygienic pumps are designed for the high-volume transfer of substances ranging from fluids to slurries and are used for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics production.

Food Grade Sanitary Pumps

In the food and beverage industry, hygienic pumps move and transfer flavorings, additives, and other ingredients of varying viscosities. Food grade diaphragm pumps are designed for gentle transfer and will not degrade shear sensitive substances. Always use food-grade lubricants on pump parts for compliance with FDA food manufacturing requirements.  Applications include:
  • Bulk transfer between tanks
  • Unloading tankers
  • Filling mixing tanks
  • Injecting ingredients into molds

Wine Industry Hygienic Pumps

Wine producers carefully plan and monitor each stage of production to preserve quality. Double diaphragm pumps have the power needed to pump high volumes without overheating or damaging your wine. As with any food or beverage application, always use food-grade lubricants and sanitize parts regularly to prevent contamination. Applications include:
  • Wine pump over
  • Bulk transfer
  • Packaging

Cosmetics Industry Sanitary Pumps

Precise measurement, shear control, and preventing contamination are essential in cosmetics production. Industrial sanitary pumps deliver the speed and precision you need for high-volume production and meet contamination-free handling requirements. Applications include:
  • Ingredient processing
  • Bulk transfer
  • Tanker unloading
  • Packaging

Pharmaceutical Industry Hygienic Pumps

Pharmaceutical production requires metering and transferring chemicals and sensitive substances carefully and with precision. Diaphragm pumps come in several styles to handle various stages of the manufacturing process. The corrosion-resistant construction provides the protection needed for water and chemical exposure. Applications include:
  • Bulk transfer
  • Dosing
  • Dilution
  • Mixing
  • Filtration

High-Quality Industrial Diaphragm Pumps for Hygienic Manufacturing

We stock industrial pumps, replacement parts, and accessories to accommodate a broad range of hygienic applications. Each manufacturer we carry offers a variety of pump styles and flow capacities to meet your requirements. You can also find compatible replacement parts and accessories for your industrial diaphragm pump.
  • ARO Sanitary Pumps: Self-priming diaphragm pumps that move fluids gently to prevent frothing and separation and handle shear-sensitive substances without degradation.
  • LMI Metering Pumps: Electronic and motor-driven pumps handle everything from low viscosity fluids to slurries with precision.
  • NOMAD Hygienic Pumps: Air operated double diaphragm pumps made to transfer large volumes of shear sensitive products.
Explore our manufacturer options to find your ideal pump or give us a call to discuss your application.