LMI Metering Pump Parts Kits

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Because metering pumps perform the precise and repeatable dosing of chemicals, acids and other substances, it is imperative that your chemical metering pumps are functioning properly. Maverick Pumps supplies metering pump repair kits that include spare and replacement parts, installation instructions and more. LMI metering pump parts kits can also be purchased for preventative maintenance purposes.

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RPM Pump Parts, Pump Repair & Pump Maintenance Kits

While LMI pumps are manufactured using superior craftsmanship and top-quality materials, chemical metering pumps still require general maintenance and part replacement. Some LMI chemical metering pump components endure more wear and tear than others, and our metering pump repair kits are ideal for both maintenance repairs and preventative maintenance purposes.

RPM Pump Parts Kits Materials

Each LMI spare parts kit comes with clear skin packaging, a liquid end drawing and an instruction sheet to make for the quick and easy replacement of pump parts. Additional spare parts include:
  • Replacement Liquifram™
  • Cartridge Valves – suction and discharge
  • Injection Valve components
  • O-Rings
  • Shaft Seal

Why Choose Maverick Pump Repair Kits?

As a leading distributor of LMI products, Maverick Pumps can provide the industrial pumping solutions your application requires. We can ensure that our LMI pump repair kits are direct from the manufacturer and will fit your existing LMI pump or pumping system. LMI features robust products constructed to the highest standards.
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