Walchem E Series Metering Pumps

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Walchem pumps are compatible with a broad range of applications and manufactured to the highest quality standards. These high-performance metering pumps deliver quality, repeatability, and precise control that exceeds even the most demanding customer expectations.

Walchem E Series metering pumps deliver high-speed chemical feeding at rates of up to 360 strokes per minute to prevent issues like overfeeding and slug feeding. A high turndown capacity ensures efficient operation regardless of the flow rate setting you select, resulting in less chemical waste and more reliable and repeatable dosing.

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Types of Walchem Chemical Pumps

Walchem pumps offer reliable pumping solutions to a range of industrial processes. With capacities of up to 20 GPH (76 l/h) and pressures of up to 290 psi (20 bar), you can find a pump to fit almost any industrial, municipal, agricultural water, or wastewater application. Find the best E Series Walchem chemical pumps for your needs at Maverick Pumps.

EZ Series Pump

The EZ Series metering pumps have outputs of up to 6.3 GPH and pressure capabilities of up to 150 psi. They feature a simple-to-operate microprocessor control and dual check valve assemblies to ensure reliable performances. A dual-bearing support increases the pumps’ lifespan through proper axial movement, helping facilitate long-term pumping operations.

EHE Series Pump

The EHE Series metering pumps feature flexible control functions and a turndown ratio of 1800:1. These pumps have outputs of up to 20 GPH and pressure capabilities of up to 150 psi. EHE Series pumps are some of the most versatile pumps for the water treatment industry. With a microprocessor-based control circuit, pumping speed and input settings can be adjusted easily to provide complete pumping control.

EWN Series Pump

The EWN Series metering pumps are compact chemical pumps with high-speed dosing capabilities for industrial applications. Superior check valves and feed control performances enable precise and reliable pumping operations. With outputs up to 6.7 GPH and pressure capabilities of up to 290 psi, these fast-priming pumps offer excellent valve efficiency and a high compression ratio, making them compatible with virtually all industrial uses.

EJ Series Pump

The EJ Series metering pumps are lightweight and provide precise chemical injections and dosing. They have outputs of up to 3.2 PGH and pressure capabilities of up to 175 psi, making them beneficial for a range of industrial applications. These pumps can operate at 360 strokes per minute, ensuring high-speed processing and pumping.

Benefits of Walchem Pumps

E Series metering pumps are powered by advanced microprocessor-based electronics and superior mechanical designs. Additional features include universal voltage and connections, IP65 equivalent housing, and manual output control with analog or digital capabilities. All Walchem metering pumps are backed with a comprehensive 2-year warranty covering the entire pump, including the diaphragm.

When to Use Walchem Chemical Pumps

Walchem pumps are known for being both lightweight and durable, making them a desirable choice for rigorous uses. Their accurate dosing capabilities are beneficial for applications requiring precision pumping operations. They are compatible with several pumping accessories, including cloud-based management software and remote monitoring capabilities. These features allow Walchem pumps to be used throughout a wide range of industries and pumping applications.

Industries Served

Walchem pumps are used across a range of industries, including but not limited to:
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage
  • General Manufacturing
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Neutralization
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

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Maverick Pumps is an authorized distributor of Walchem metering pumps, controllers, and end kits. We supply Walchem pumps and pumping equipment across the Southwest United States for industrial uses. From Walchem controllers to E Series repair kits, we provide the tools you need to perform pump maintenance and maintain maximum pumping functionality. Our trained industry professionals have the knowledge and expertise to match you with the best Walchem pump for your industrial applications.

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