Walchem Repair Kits

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Using genuine Walchem® repair kits for your metering pump repairs ensures compatibility and preserves your 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We carry kits for all metering pumps with various materials of construction, including PVC, FKM, CER, PTFE, and more. Consider keeping a few industrial pump repair kits on hand for quick on-site repairs with minimal downtime.


What’s Included in Each Metering Pump Repair Kit?

The parts in each Walchem® metering pump repair kit are brand-new, unused items for your specific industrial pump. Keep in mind that elastomers vary based on pump housing material and model. Please reference your pump's EOM to make sure you are choosing the correct repair kit for your metering pump. Each industrial metering pump repair kit contains the following parts:

  • Diaphragm and retainer
  • Valve guides
  • Valve seats
  • Check balls
  • Gaskets
  • O-rings

High-Quality Parts for Walchem® Industrial Pump Repairs

Walchem® metering pumps are a popular choice for water and wastewater treatment because of their high precision, flexible designs, and innovative technology. Protect your investment by implementing a maintenance schedule and replacing diaphragms and other parts at the first sign of wear.
All Walchem® pump repair kits contain high-quality, manufacturer-approved parts to keep your pump running smoothly. Make sure you disconnect any electrical supply before servicing your pump and follow the disassembly and reassembly instructions in your pump manual.

Order Your Walchem® Repair Kit Online!

Maverick Pumps is a leading Walchem metering pumps distributor serving the Southwest. We offer fast shipping on all stock repair kits and have a team of experts standing by to answer your pump-related questions. Choose from our repair kit options to place your order or give us a quick call for ordering assistance.