LMI Metering Pump Conductivity Controllers and pH Controllers

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LMI produces both conductivity and PH controllers for the optimization of your cooling tower and boiler feed processes, as well as to give you better control over your metering pumps. As a premier supplier of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 29001:2010 certified LMI products, Maverick Pumps can provide the LMI metering pump controllers, metering pumps and pump parts your application requires.

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LIQUITRON™ DC4000 Series Conductivity Controller

The Liquitron™ DC4000 Series Conductivity Controller is a microprocessor based control system that provides a set point and relay for conductivity control, along with a variety of timer functions to control chemical addition. Programming this controller is simple and is accomplished using only three keys, and the backlit LCD display and LEDs provide easy-to-read indications of operating conditions and equipment status.

Additional LMI LIQUITRON™ DC4000 Features

  • 0-20,000 µS or Selectable PPM/TDS Ratio
  • High and Low Alarm with Relay
  • Temperature Display in °C or °F
  • 4-20 mA Recorder Output (Standard)

LIQUITRON™ DC4500 Series Conductivity Controller

Similar to the DC4000, the LIQUITRON™ DC4500 Series Conductivity Controller provides a set point and relay for conductivity control, and a variety of timer functions to control chemical addition. However, DC4500 includes dual biocides. Pumps may be controlled in either ON/OFF or external trigger mode.

Additional LMI LIQUITRON™ DC4500 Features

  • Display units in µS or in PPM/TDS
  • Bleed output relay
  • Inhibitor chemical pump output (on/off or external trigger)

LIQUITRON™ DC5000 Series pH Conductivity Controller

The Liquitron™ DP5000 is a dual channel pH Controller providing either relay or proportional pulse outputs to drive chemical metering pumps. A number of unique features make the DP5000 the most adaptive pH controller available, including:
  • High Alarm Points
  • Delay and Limit Timers
  • pH Programmable Response Delay
  • Single and Dual Point Calibration
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Why Choose LMI Metering Pump Controllers

Each series of LMI conductivity controllers offers models to handle a wide range of flow capacities and pressure requirements. Controllers give pump operators the ability to compare inputs from a sensor for faster, accurate metering measurements. The LED and LC displays make pump readings easier to see in environments where visibility is limited. The automated readings and improved accuracy on a range of fluids of different viscosities, such as chemicals, acids, bases, corrosives or viscous liquids and slurries. With precise fluid monitoring, controllers add safety and reduce cost-effective, excessive dosing errors. LMI controllers are manufactured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 29001:2010 certified standards and are UL certified.

LMI Conductivity Controller Applications

Maverick Pumps supplies LMI metering pump controllers to improve pump output accuracy in a variety of demanding industries, including:
  • Cooling Water
  • Waste Neutralization
  • Process Control
  • Environmental
  • Metal Finishing
  • Cooling Towers 
  • Closed-Loop Systems 
  • Boilers

Additional LMI Metering Pumps & LMI Accessories

In addition to our supply of LMI conductivity controllers, we stock an extensive range of LMI pumps, pump accessories and pump spare part kits.

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