Walchem Pumps, Controllers, & Repair Kits

As an industry-leading manufacturer of online analytical instruments and electronic metering pumps and accessories, Walchem® products are designed for excellence. Their metering pumps and controllers meet strict quality criteria and are proven to exhibit excellent reliability and durability in the field. Maverick Pumps is a trusted distributor of Walchem pumping products for industrial uses. We are fully stocked on an extensive inventory of Walchem pumps, Walchem controllers, and Walchem repair kits to accommodate a full range of water treatment applications.

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Walchem Features & Benefits

All Walchem pumps and accessories include a host of benefits for a range of industrial applications. Maverick Pumps is a proud distributor of high-quality Walchem pumps, controllers, and repair kits.

Walchem Pumps

Walchem pumps are designed to provide steady and reliable pumping services at highly efficient processing rates. These high-performance pumps ensure speedy options by preventing slug feeding and poor feed control. Walchem pumps have a rugged and versatile design to accommodate a diverse range of applications. Additional features include:
  • High-Speed Dosing: All Walchem pumps perform high-speed processing at 360 strokes per minute for efficient operation and precision dosing.
  • Compact Design: A robust yet lightweight design with IP65-equivalent housing protection allows easy integration and maintenance.
  • Continuous Functionality: Constant flow rates, high-resolution chemical feeds, and high turndown capacities ensure seamless and reliable pumping operations.
  • Advanced Electronics: Microprocessor-based technology allows for precise chemical injections.
  • Universal voltage: Designed for compatibility and integration at universal voltage ratings.
  • Warranty: Equipped with a 2-year warranty covering the entire pump and pump parts, including the liquid ends and diaphragm.

Walchem Controllers

Walchem pump controllers combine versatility with cloud-based water treatment software tool options to manage boilers, cooling towers, metals finishing equipment, and industrial and municipal water treatment equipment. Controllers can be operated remotely via LAN, the internet, or Modbus/TCP, whether in a facility or out in the field. Walchem controller benefits include but are not limited to:
  • Easy installation with wall mount package
  • Models with up to 24 inputs
  • Large touchscreen display for easy setup and readability
  • Flexible, icon-based programming
  • Multiple language support
  • Universal sensor inputs

Walchem Repair Kits

Replace worn fluid section parts with complete Walchem repair kits, available for all pump models. Maverick Pumps recommends reserving a few kits for fast, on-site repairs with minimal downtime. Our OEM Walchem repair kits ensure proper part compatibility and preserve your 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Walchem Pumps, Controllers, & Repair Kits from Maverick Pumps

Walchem Pumps

Maverick Pumps supplies a complete catalog of Walchem E Series metering pumps to handle almost any water treatment application. Featured pump models include:
  • EZ Series – Compact chemical injection metering pumps featuring high output capacities and accurate dosing processes.
  • EHE Series – The most versatile Walchem pump style, featuring flexible control functions for easy incorporation and pumping.
  • EWN Series – Lightweight and compact pumps with high compression ratios, precise dosing, and high valve efficiencies.
  • EJ Series – Designed for easy operation and precision chemical injections with a lightweight composition and build.

Walchem Controllers

One of the most popular Walchem products offered by Maverick Pumps is the W600 Series Controller. With six control outputs and four inputs, the versatile and powerful W600 pump can be used for a range of applications. We also stock the W900 Series and W100 Series controllers for applications requiring fewer outputs and inputs. Whichever model you choose, you can count on flexible and reliable control of your water treatment system.

Walchem Repair Kits

Pump repair kits are in stock and available for all Walchem pumps. Each repair kit contains brand-new items specific to your industrial pump. Kits include the following components:
  • Check Balls
  • Diaphragm
  • Gaskets
  • O-rings
  • Retainer
  • Valve Guides & Seats

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