Walchem Series Pump Controllers for Water Treatment Applications

Industrial pump controllers allow the pump operator to access and monitor pump output, intake, pH levels and additional pump information. Maverick Pumps is an authorized distributor of Walchem controllers, featuring cloud-based water treatment software capabilities and internet for more accurate fluid management processes. Walchem controllers are simple to set up and use, and elevate a user’s ability to perform their job efficiently and exceptionally. Maverick Pumps offers quick turnaround time, operational support and cost-effective prices on these compact, convenient external controls.
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Choosing The Right Industrial Pump Controller

Have you recently purchased a Walchem Metering Pump? There are several essential factors to consider when pairing a Walchem controller to your Walchem EZEHEEWN, or EJ Series pump. While all Walchem controllers pair with all Walchem pumps, it is important to consider how the unique benefits provided by each Walchem controller can better suit your needs. Please use our guide below to determine the best controller to meet your specific pump requirements or contact a Maverick Pumps expert today for assistance.

Walchem Controller Product Guide

The Walchem W600 Series controllers offer a high level of flexibility in controlling water treatment applications.

Walchem Controllers for Boiler Control

The hardwired Walchem WBL600HSNNN-AN Pump Controller features 6 Powered Relays and 1 Sensor Input Card. This controller allows the operator to monitor a pH Range from -2 to 16 pH units. The 600HSNNN model offers an Ethernet option that provides remote access to the controller’s programming via a PC connected directly, via a local area network or via Walchem’s Fluent account management server.

Walchem Controllers for Cooling Tower Control

These prewired controllers offer a variety of unique benefits based on the model. Specific controllers can feature Flow Meter Ration Control mode used to control the conductivity of the water using volumetric cycles of operation. The number of Powered Relays, Sensor Input Cards and disinfection ranges vary by model.

Walchem Controllers for Cooling Towers

Walchem WCT600PSNNN-BN Pump Controller
  • Powered Relays: 6
  • Sensor Input Cards: 1
  • Disinfection Range (mV): -2000 to 1500
Walchem WCTW100PN-A Pump Controller
  • Powered Relays: 3
  • Timed Activation: YES
Walchem WCTW100PN-B Pump Controller
  • Powered Relays: 3
  • Flow Switch Manifold: YES

Walchem Controllers for ph/ORP

The prewired Walchem WPH620PSNNN-NN Pump Controller features 4 Power Relays. This controller provides proportional pump control from a single pH sensor input. It is capable of monitoring ORP/ISE Range (mV) of -1500 to 1500 mV. The WPH620PSNNN-NN requires a WEL-PHF82 probe with pre-am AND 20FT cable AND 3/4" inline tee.

Benefits of Walchem Water Treatment Controllers

Walchem is a leading manufacturer of all things related to water treatment systems and solutions. Maverick Pumps has an extensive selection of water treatment controllers. Walchem controllers come with advanced programming to help with application-specific requirements. High quality Walchem controllers are simple to set up and use. The unique Walchem Fluent™ feature incorporates IoT, Process Automation, Remote Monitoring and Control, and Data Visualization.

Additional Walchem Metering Pumps & LMI Accessories

In addition to our supply of Walchem controllers, we stock an extensive range of Walchem pumps, pump accessories and pump spare part kits.

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